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Not dead, just moving

Posted on July 14th, 2010 at 9:10 pm
Yeah, I've been out of touch. And my internet access is going to be flakier than usual for a few days, so I should probably update now...

The flight went...it went. There was a moment of terror at the airport when we had to rearrange the stuff in the bags because one was overweight but we couldn't find the keys. I was freaking out, needless to say. Then Cheryl found the keys and everything went better after that. Even U.S. Customs was alright: they've re-arranged things at the international terminal at LAX so that it's almost bearable now.

Apartment? We got that. We pick up the keys (and move the first batch of our stuff in) tomorrow, and the next batch of stuff in Sunday, and then next batch probably the weekend after that...man, our stuff got scattered everywhere four years ago. We should have phone/internet/cable in the new place on Friday.

Job? Working on it. The interview at Google is Thursday, and I'm continuing to job-hunt when I'm not studying for the Google interview. CS 101 was a looong time ago, I'm realizing. At least the office where I'm interviewing isn't hard to find.

I'm renting so many cars right now. It's definitely time to consider joining the ranks of car owners once again. Ontario is pretty good when it comes to public transit, as long as you never leave the city you start in, or if you only need to go to/from Toronto. (Hamilton to Guelph? 45 minutes by car, three hours by bus, and you have to change buses in Mississauga. Although that apparently gets better during the school year.)

Oh, and horror stories! I now know what it's like to have a tire blow out on highway 400 at 110 km/h. Okay, it wasn't a horror story: I didn't lose control and I was able to pull over without any trouble. Would you believe I'd never changed a tire before? I managed well enough, except that somehow I scratched up my right arm something fierce and didn't even notice until it was pointed out to me.

So yeah, busy few weeks. What's new with you?


Mr Ben
mrben at 2010-07-15 02:22 (UTC) (Link)
I've never changed a tyre either. I hope never to have to.

Best of luck with the Google interview. What type of role is it?
orbifold at 2010-07-15 13:16 (UTC) (Link)
I don't seem to be interviewing for a specific position; they're on a general hiring binge and if they like me then they'll point me at a specific role after the fact. The Waterloo lab works on a number of different things, the big ones being mobile apps, Chrome OS, and AdSense-related things.
(Deleted comment)
orbifold at 2010-07-15 13:19 (UTC) (Link)
I'm really, really glad I didn't lose control. I was in the middle lane of three lanes of northbound traffic, with all three lanes busy; if I did what that fellow in Sydney did then I'd probably have caused the kind of accident that headlines the evening news.

I'm going to stop thinking about that now...
Franz Ferdipants
franzferdipants at 2010-07-15 03:30 (UTC) (Link)
i ate a llama
orbifold at 2010-07-15 13:19 (UTC) (Link)
A whole llama?
(Deleted comment)
orbifold at 2010-07-15 13:22 (UTC) (Link)
If I'd wanted to I could have paid $60 to the tow-truck driver who pulled up behind me less than five minutes after I pulled over and he would have changed the tire for me. But at that point I'd already found the car manual, which had detailed instructions. Detailed instructions are good.
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